30 Day Wellness Challenge

I am so excited to share with you my own 30-day wellness challenge! My 30-day minimalism challenge received such great feedback I wanted to create a wellness-focused version. As we head into the new year it is a perfect time to add new habits and shake things up! 

If you're someone who already considers themselves to have a fairly stable wellness routine I challenge you to take on a weekly goal in addition to the daily challenge. 

Week 1: A mile every day:  you can walk it, run it or ride it, but try to get a mile in every day for the first 7 days. 

Week 2: Drink 3L of water on a consistent basis.

Week 3: Save your coins and improve your health by preparing all of you meals at home for the full week. 

Week 4:  Meditate on a consistent basis.  

30-day Wellness Challenge 

  1. Meditate for a minimum of 8 minutes
  2. Meatless for a full day 
  3. Make a list of short-term goals you’ll accomplish by the end of the month - set deadlines 
  4. Eat raw until Noon
  5. Try a new fruit 
  6. Practice gratitude, journal things you’re thankful for. 
  7. No phone apps until Noon
  8. Declutter your refrigerator 
  9. No processed foods all day 
  10. No complaint day 
  11. Drink 3L of water 
  12. Try a new workout for a minimum of 15 minutes 
  13. Declutter your sleeping space 
  14. Try a new vegetable
  15. Home cooking, eat meals from home for a full day 
  16. Eat raw until 3 pm 
  17. Go for a 20-minute walk 
  18. Try a new plant-based dish for dinner (homemade)
  19. Declutter your workspace 
  20. Eat vegan all day 
  21. Meditate for a minimum of 8 minutes 
  22. No processed sugar all day 
  23. Eat 5 servings of fruits/vegetables by Noon
  24. Listen to an informative podcast
  25. Establish a low-stress morning routine
  26. Try a new HIIT workout 
  27. Curate a playlist that makes you happy 
  28. Eat vegan all day
  29. Practice gratitude, however, you see fit 
  30. Eat raw all day 

Be sure to keep up with those who have taken on the challenge via Twitter


With love, Breanna