Break-ing: Self Care as a Verb

I need a break to take care of myself. To take care of my world that isn't curated like an Instagram feed or twitter post. I need to recharge and take joy in the fact that my world still revolves without tech, apps and notifications. I need to take care of my body, the body which houses my mind and spirit because I only get one of those.... so home maintenance shouldn't be last on my list of priorities.  

- A journal entry on


As a creative experiencing fatigue and burn-out comes along with the creative process. For me, this season of constant change and new creative endeavors caused a whirlwind of emotions. I don't want to get into extreme details but a week of tech detox has given me the opportunity to tap into parts of myself that were neglected and dying. It gave me the opportunity to tap into parts of myself that don't necessarily 'fit' my curated and tailored Instagram feed.

For so long I ignored my mental fatigue because of fear. Fear that the trajectory of my brand couldn't afford a week, or two, off. Fear that terrible Instagram insights and lack of page views would lead to the halt of my current creative success, but I realized that if I would've taken a break 3 months ago, when I was first feeling burnt out my vulnerable mental state could've been avoided. I ignored the signs. 

This entire season of life has made me reevaluate the way I look at self-care. Sometimes self-care is doing work, not binge watching Netflix, sometimes self-care is tidying or changing your sheets and checking in with yourself. I simply went too long without checking in on myself, the parts of myself that aren't used to blog or create a cookbook.

If you haven't checked in without yourself recently I strongly encourage you to detach and tap into the parts of yourself that you continually put on the back burner. This break really has changed the way I look at social networks so if you see me less on your feed or timeline just know that it's because in this season of life I'm building a better relationship with myself. 

Safe journeying.