Minimalistic and Non-Toxic Skin and Body Care 


Living a minimal and nontoxic life has become extremely important to me over the last year. As I continue to move towards improving my lifestyle and habits I have finally put together a full beauty care routine that involves products that won’t cause reproductive, nervous system or endocrine issues. 

As I discussed in a previous post, a lot of popular brands use ingredients that increase the risk of cancer and disrupt reproductive functioning which can lead to a plethora of health conditions. Unfortunately, products that are marketed to black women are higher in risk than products geared towards white women. So in order to protect ourselves, we must educate our communities. With that being said I’m excited to share my affordable ($70 for 8 products) and full non-toxic beauty routine!




Acure Facial Cleansing Creme:

This is ideal for people who have normal to dry skin. If you’re looking for a cleansing to remove your makeup I suggest using almond oils to revolve eye make then proceeding with this cleaner for best results.  

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub:

To date this is my favorite exfoliator, it does an amazing job at keeping my skin clear and works well for all skin types. Not too abrasive but also tough enough to rid dead skin and blackheads. 

Nourish Organic Face Lotion:

This is an extremely light and refreshing moisturizer, doesn’t leave any oily residue. To increase hydration I add a drop or two of almond oil to my skin before applying the moisturizer at night. 


Body Care 


Dr.Bonners Pure-Castile Bar Soap:

Hands down the best nontoxic bar soap I’ve tried, It leaves your body feeling squeaky clean which is why I quickly follow up with the Everyone Body Oil after a shower. It comes in a lot of different scents with my personal favorite being lavender, tea tree, or eucalyptus. 

Everyone Body Oil:

This is a versatile product that I’ve grown to love. I use it as a body oil and bath oil, it works well at keeping your skin and feet hydrated. 

Alaffia Shea Body Lotion (Lavender):

This is a refreshing and light weight lotion, it doesn’t leave any oily residue. The scent is very light and made with essential oils.

Tom’s Deodorant: 

I transitioned to non-toxic deodorant early in the year and it’s been the most difficult transition. I’ve tried sticks, sprays and paste versions of non-toxic deodorants and Tom still ends up as my favorite. For more info specifically on this click here.

Tom’s Toothpaste:

Cinnamon toothpaste is my favorite because you can drink OJ after and it not taste disgusting. I choose Tom’s cinnamon toothpaste over the toxic Colgate version. 


What’s your favorite non-toxic product? Let me know down in the comments below!