Breanna: A Metamorphosis

My name is Breanna Danielle Brock. My mother named me in 1994, she thought both, the spelling and the phonetics of my name, was beautiful and unique. Later on in the 90's my name and various spellings grew popularity, which meant that my name was common in grade school, I found it extremely annoying. There were often other girls named Brianna or Briana who took the nickname Bri, me wanting to be original I took the ending phonetic syllabus "Yanna". 

I went by the name Yanna from 6th grade all throughout high school and let's just say the name was a lot less common, I liked that. 

When I went into college I was a bit lax about my name and what people called me... Bre, Breanna, Yanna... it didn't really matter. I realized that what people called me often related to the relationship that had with me. If you called me Bre, you knew me in college, no doubt in my mind. If you call me Brezzy you've known me since diapers. If you call me Breanna we've met online or in a professional capacity. If you call me Yanna you meet me during the time of 2006 to 2012, the span of six years. 

When I moved away from home, went away to college, traveled, visited new countries, met new friends, and fell in love, there were parts of my younger personality that died. In the short span of 7 months, I changed so much due to my experiences that I honestly felt like I couldn't relate to parts of my younger self and to people who knew me. 

The name Yanna holds significance to me because it represents a part of my life where I really found myself. If you know me as Yanna chances are I'm a completely different person. I don't tolerate as much emotional manipulation, I think before I speak, I mind my business, I choose friendships based off of reciprocated energy, I no longer help those who don't want to help themselves, I no longer project my insecurities on to people that I care about. 

I can no longer allow myself to be around those who don't allow me to evolve. So if you can only relate to Yanna and have no idea who I am in the present day than our road ends here. I can't allow myself to move on to the next chapter in life feeling like I have to stay connected to those who only know the dying parts of me. Essentially it's like someone ignores watering the blooming flowers in a garden to give water to the flowers that are already dead. 

I say all of this to speak on how you are under no obligation to be who you were 6 years ago or even 3 months ago. You're allowed to curate the life you want regardless of who you were in the past. 

So you know how Diddy went from Puff Daddy to P.Diddy then to Sean Combs. I'm essentially doing the same. 

Safe journeying.