Choosing Sides

Dealing with the duality of self. 

It difficult being  controlled by both sides of your brain, having passions that inspire one another but often compete for time and energy. 

On the one hand, I'm Breanna Danielle, a wellness and lifestyle blogger with a passion to inspire those to live life through their truth. To live a life with balance and meaning, with health and simplicity at the core. 

On the other hand, I'm Breanna Brock, a first-year Sociology Ph.D. student who is passionate about uniting people of color and understanding how triangular race theory, racial agency and anti-blackness in communities influences the social and political progression of people of color in this country. 

I often find myself tapped into both sides of my brain, which takes a lot of energy. Should I dim a passion in order to give another my full undivided attention? It's extremely difficult to feed each passion equally. 

With the recent events in Charlottesville and entering a doctoral program where I'm the first African American woman in the department, I've decided to put my energy into my scholastic and advocacy endeavors.  

Even though I'll be keeping up with social network platforms, I will say that being a blogger and influencer will not be high on my list of priorities  for the next three months. 

I'm so thankful for this space and the community that I've been working on for the last two years. I thank you for respecting me and the time I need to tend to a part of me that very few of you are familiar with. 

with love + safe journeying