"I Cut My Hair!" and UPDATED Wash Routine

It was time to let it go.... that's the honest reason behind why I decided to cut my hair.  2017 was a hell of a year, particularly the part where I moved across the county on my own. Living alone has forced me to become intimate with myself and ways that I could have never expected. I've gotten to know the negative sides of myself and I never realized how much of my ego and identity was connected to my hair. 

Selecting a style… 

When sorting through cut option I started on Pinterest. I created a private board of all the haircuts I liked - tapered, bladies, and undercuts. From there I thought about how I wanted to main the versatility of my hair while also being ok with letting the majority of it go. If you’re thinking about cutting off your curls I’d recommend starting with Pinterest. 

Finding a stylist…. 

The next step was to find a stylist who I trusted with the process. As you may know, I live bicoastal, between central California and the DMV area. I knew for a fact that I wanted a stylist from the DMV area who specialized in cuts, color, and natural hair. After taking refers and doing my sere aches on Instagram I came across the stylist who originally did my cut via Instagram. One of the host from my favorite podcast, Gettin’ Grown, lives in the DMV areas and her cuts/color are always gorgeous so I decided to schedule an appointment.

The salon visits…

I deduced to go to TGN beauty for my cut and style. Being natural I have a little bit of salmon anxiety because I rarely have other people caring for my hair. Tinea of TGN beauty was extremely professional and she did a great job of achieving the style I was looking for. The entire season experience was great and if you’re in the DMV area I highly recommend her.  

If you're in the north New Jersey area and are in need of a barber I highly suggest Ab of All Trades, he did my cut in the photo above and made my first experience at a barber shop really comfortable. 

How I maintain my cut and my wash routine… 

So… unbeknownst to me when you have a shortcut matinee is key. My hair grows so fast so in order for me to maintain my cut I visit the barber every 2 weeks-ish. For me finding a barber was difficult only because I move around so much, but if you can find one barber it’s best that you stick with them. I “cheated” on my barber and learned the hard way… 

I wash my undercut every week and apply a combination of oils (almond, jojoba, and castor) every day because my scalp has a tendency to be on the dry side, especially within the first few days after a cut. 

I wash my hair with the JBCO line of Shea Moisture and follow up with the Alikay Naturals leave in conditioner and the essential growth oil. When my hair isn’t in a productive style I use the Alikay Naturals shea yogurt mixed with a little bit of water to style my twist outs. 


Overall I’m really glad I made the decision to cut my hair, it wasn’t a life-altering experience, but it really grounded me in recognizing that hair is nothing more than hair… believe it or not, I actually feel more confident. If you’ve been contemplating cutting your hair I’d really suggest you to just go for it!

With love, Breanna