Where She Begins Turns 3: creative endeavors while 'doing both'

Believe it or not, Where She Begins, is now 3 years old!!! I typically share my gratitude for this platform and the community it’s connected to on my social media accounts. I’ve recently realized that I have never fully written out a post dedicated to thanking everyone for their continued support. 

“Support” is such a vague concept in the creative world because support is going to look different to different people. For me, support is really the smallest gestures, a RT, an email or tweet saying how much you enjoyed the post, photos of food that you’ve made from my cookbook, or simply clicking the link and reading the post. I appreciate it all. 

Right now I’m at an interesting crossroads with my platform. Where She Begins is a reflection of me, therefore, it’s grown with me throughout my early twenties. It grew from being focused on hair and beauty tips, to my relationships, to graduate school advice and wellness... and that’s ok with me. I think it’s important for my creative endeavors to grow with me throughout life. 

I’m sharing this because on it’s 3rd blogiversary Where She Begins is changing. My vision for my platform has changed because I think I’ve finally found my niche. The beauty and hair content may come sporadically but it’s no longer my focus. I’m now dedicating this platform for topics that fuel me, topics that ignite a spark, and for me those topics consist of finding work/life balance while in graduate school, information on how to build healthy lifestyle habits, sharing lifestyle advice, and curating plant-based meals. I truly enjoy creating recipes and sharing tips to people like myself who try to feed multiple parts of their personalities. Every now and then I’ll share my current favorite products or nontoxic skincare items that I use consistently, but beauty is no longer my focus.

Within the next few weeks, you’ll begin to see subtle changes on the blog, like a new logo and a change of social network handles. I’ve been inspired lately to really focus on the branding aspects of my blog during the first half of the year. The changes that I plan on implementing all focus on creating a closer sense of community and sharing resources. 

While in the midst of redirecting my brand focus I’ve also decided to change my roles with certain creative projects, one example being the CareFreeBlackGirl Podcast. I’ve taken a step back from the role as a co-host on the show to a reoccurring guest for a few episodes throughout the year. I know a few people have reached out asking why I haven’t been apart of the podcast consistently so I wanted to formally share this in order to clear up any confusion. 

I’m so excited for all the content I have in store for Where She Begins. With the new direction, I’ve also decided to take a page from Shameless Maya and spend the entire year promoting my work shamelessly. In order to keep up with me and the changes happening be sure to follow/like across multiple social media platforms. 

Instagram: @itsbredanielle | @plantbasedbre
Twitter: @itsbredanielle |  @whereshebegins 
Facebook: Where She Begins

Again, thank YOU for the support, it truly means a lot. 

With love,