Committed In College: Ambria and Marshon

Meet Ambria and Marshon, 23 and 25 years respectively. They have been together for a little over 4 years and both are originally from the Chicago area. They were willing to share their story of finding love and commitment with us through a series of questions.



Tell me a little about yourself and how you met your partner?

My name is Ambria and I'm a 23-year-old post graduate from Grand Valley State University. I'm someone who enjoys building relationships with others: lately it's been online through my YouTube and Wordpress platforms since I've realized it's time for me to expound on my friendships. Back in 2013, I felt a similar way and this is how I met my boyfriend. We're both from a south suburb outside Chicago and used to be a 5-minute car ride away, but since 2013 he's moved to Dallas and currently resides in Atlanta. We went to the same high school and knew of each other due to mutual band friends (he was a senior while I was a freshman. He's two years older than me, so he's 25). Although, we never crossed paths until the summer going into my freshman year of college (2013). During that time I wanted to connect with people before I went away to school. I wasn't expecting anything serious to happen, but 8 months later, we were in a long distance relationship and have been in one ever since. This Valentine's Day we will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary.

How has being in a relationship impacted your individual growth?

Being in a long distance relationship specifically has impacted my personal growth tremendously! With some advantage, being long distance has allowed me the opportunity to grow by myself with myself without having a physical distraction. It has also allowed me to test my relationship's trust, respect, and love. This relationship has taught me that I love hard and am willing to sacrifice (even parts of myself) to stay on this journey. But It has also taught me sacrificing and losing yourself to please your partner is detrimental to the relationship and your well-being. Relationships are about support, compromise, and an abundance of unconditional love. Love is patient, it always protects, and always perseveres <3.

Any advice to those looking to find love while still navigating college?

Fortunately, my love life picked up with me throughout college and was able to withstand our 12-15 hour distance, but for those still navigating college and are interested in pursuing a love life, I'd say do what you know you can handle. College is a full-time responsibility that comes with a lot of stress and so does being in a relationship. You WILL have to put in work for both and if you know that you can't handle both, fix your priorities and focus on what matters most.

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with love, Breanna