A Holistic Wellness Routine: Self-Love and Crystals

I haven’t sat down to write a blog post in over 3 months. I’m currently in a huge season of transition and making sense of things on my own terms. Over the last few months I’ve been spending a lot of time with myself, working through my season of healing, and really developing a sense of unconditional self love. During this journey I been reading a lot, pulling from different text and authors of various spiritual and intellectual backgrounds. 


Through my “research”, or ‘sabbatical for self love’ as I like to call it, I’ve quickly learned that time isn’t linear and life is just a series of cycles and patterns. The shift that I’m currently going through is very reminiscent of a shift that I experienced 7 years ago. This time around I wanted to use the lessons I’ve learned over the years as tools to react differently, in hopes of breaking the pattern. 

I’ve researched charkas, studied astrology, read toltec guides, explored numerology, and meditated on scriptures throughout the last few months and realized that a holistic wellness routine feels best for me. 

I’ve incorporated crystals to help strengthen my connection with my intuition, practice mindfulness and help cultivate an environment that keeps me calm. I have crystals and crystal jewelry for two different reasons, but they both serve a purpose in my wellness routine. 

I like to wear crystal jewelry to strengthen my mindfulness practice. I have a pretty bad habit of negative self talk and ruminating on unnecessary conflict, so aside from the benefits of the a particular crystal (ie protection, grounding, maintaining inner peace etc), I wear the jewelry as a reminder to practice  mindfulness. When I’m out of my house and something throws off my energy I’ll take 3-7 minutes and hold my bracelets or ring in my hand to meditate and realign my energy. I buy individual crystals to keep around my apartment and use them during my morning meditation. 

If you’re interested in purchasing crystals its important to clean them before you incorporate them into our wellness routine. It’s also important to maintain a cleaning routine. For more information on this check out this blog from the Hoodwitch

I have a good amount of crystals, some gifted and some purchased during particular seasons of life. Here’s a short list of my favorite crystals and their properties. 

Amethyst - emotional well being, intuition, third eye, protection

Rose Quartz - unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness

Tigers Eye - perspective, good energy, self-confidence

Shungite - protection, neutralizing, clarifying 

Angelite - spiritual inspiration, compassion, tranquility 

I hope this post was helpful! Remember that your wellness routine should be unique and cultivated especially for you.

With love, Breanna