Is What You're Eating Giving You Acne?

Trying to tackle a skin care and meal prep routine can be a lot, but your diet may be impacting your skin more than you think. After doing my own personal research, I found out that there's a correlation between what you eat and the condition of your skin. Women, in general, are more susceptible to acne so any kind of change in diet or not consuming enough water can cause a breakout. In order to maintain your skin or to clear up acne breakouts, it's important to know what foods to avoid. 

What to avoid - 

Milky/Dairy products (especially fat-free milk):

Research has shown that the high level of hormones in milk and added proteins may cause breakouts. Trying using an alternative to milk or limiting consumption. 

High glycemic food (foods high in carbohydrates):

High glycemic foods are often high in blood glucose levels like white bread and pasta, popcorn, white rice, and other foods high in processed carbs. The spike in blood sugar leads to a response from the endocrine system which may spike outbreaks of acne.

Overall high dairy consumption and high blood sugar levels may cause acne to appear or worsen. Remember moderation is extremely important when selecting the foods in your diet. 

Foods that may help with acne -


I can not stress enough how important water is! Not only for your skin, but for your overall health. Daily you should drink half your body weight in ounces throughout the day. It's extremely important to make sure you're spreading your water intake periodically through the day. If you don't like how water taste alone try adding in fruits or lemons to give it some added flavor. 


natural bacteria found in probiotics is good with not only maintaining digestion, but also good for your skin. Foods that are a good source of probiotics are yogurt, miso, soy milk, and olives. 

Dark berries & antioxidants:

adding foods high in vitamin C and omega 3s can help reduce your chance of reoccurring acne breakouts. Green teas, blackberries, and strawberries are high in antioxidants. You can also add these dark berries into your water to combine both benefits. 

Try to add leafy greens, dark berries and high amounts of water to your daily diet. Not only will you see a change in your energy levels but also a change in your skin. 

So, if you're anything like me, and trying to clear up your skin make sure you're paying attention to not only what you're putting on your face, but also what you're putting into your body. 

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