Staying Hydrated

The key to life. The key to great hair, weight loss, clear skin, a better mood and 1000 other positive things is water. When you're hydrated you feel better, this isn't a groundbreaking discovery but you'd be surprised at how often you're dehydrated. In this post, I'll be sharing with you ways to stay hydrated and habits I've established to stay hydrated throughout the day.  

As motivation to drink more water look at just a few of the benefits:

Clear skin

Faster metabolism

Kidney & GI function

Stronger immune system

Increase brain function

Help with weight loss


Staying hydrated may not be as easy as it seems but I hope after reading the 3 tips below you'll find it easier to get your ounces in!

How much water should I be consuming?

This question varies due to a lot of factors but on average a person should be consuming at minimal 60 oz of water. I use the formula your weight in lbs, divided by 2 then that number in oz is how much you should consume a day. For example, if I were 150lbs (150/2 = 75) I should consume 75oz of water daily. This formula ensures that you're hydrated throughout the day.

I don't like the way water taste.

I personally find water to taste good but I've heard from a lot of people that they struggle with consuming enough water due to its taste. I find that putting lemon or cucumber in my water always offers the best taste and can sit in water for hours without having an off aftertaste, unlike some other fruits.

I forget to drink water.

There's an app for that! This is by far my biggest struggle with consuming water throughout my day. I often don't realize that by 12 o'clock I've only consumed 12 oz for the day. So I downloaded the Waterlogged app which helps you track your water intake and sends reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day.

In order to make sure I reach my daily goals on days that I've been slacking I make sure I drink a bottle before I even get out of bed in the morning and a least one cup before lunch and dinner.

What gets in the way of your water consumption? Let me know and the comments below and I’ll share extra tips!

My personal hydration routine: 

On average I drink around 3.5L of fluids a day, mainly consisting of both tea and water. In order to maintain my water intake, I have two 1L water bottles and one 16ox water bottle. 

When I first wake up in the morning I reach for my 16 ox water bottle and don't get out of bed until it's empty. 

About an hour after I wake up I make an 8oz glass of warm water and lemon and I full up my 1L water bottle. By the time I get ready for work and start my morning commute I try to have finished the 1L bottle. 

When I get onto campus I make sure to refill my 1L bottle and have it finished by the time I'm through with my classes. Before I leave campus I then refill my 1L bottle again and drink it for the remainder of the day.

When trying to increase your water intake it's necessary to instill small habits along the way that make it easier for you to reach your hydration goal. 

Best of luck with reaching your goal + stay hydrated!

xoxo, Breanna