#31DaysofPlants Challenge

I love using challenges to spark better habit building in my life. A lot of the positive habits I have in life such as working out, meditating and intermittent fasting all started with a 30 day challenge! 

What would it be like to go the first 31 days of the year without eating any animal products? I know for some people that sounds utterly challenging but I’m here to let you know that you have the will power to do it! The main goal of this challenge is to practice discipline and self control when it comes to your diet. Even though I’ve been plant based for nearly 6 years I still plan to take part in the #31DaysofPlants challenge by eliminating processed foods and soy from my diet. I’m challenge myself to eat more whole foods on a consistent basis. 

The “rules” of the challenge are pretty simple but I did establish tiers based on level of difficulty. 

Tier 1: Don’t eat any animal products - ie: meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs 

Tier 2: Don’t eat any animal products or processed foods ie: chips, frozen vegan meals, HFCS etc. 

Tier 3: Don’t eat any animal products, processed foods and soy based products. 

It’s important to stay committed for the first 31 days so I wouldn’t encourage any “cheat meals” or “cheat days”. This challenge is also a lot easier with support so asking a friend or family member to join you may help with staying committed. 

If you currently eat a standard American diet and plan to stop eating animal products for this challenge I want to offer resources to help with the transition! Below I will link a set of resources that I find helpful for understanding what a plant based diet is and how to commit to the lifestyle change. Additionally, throughout the 31 days I will be sending weekly newsletters with helpful videos, recipes and FAQs so be sure to join the Plant-based Bre mailing list! Lastly, be sure to follow Plant-based Bre on Instagram to get a peak of what I’m eating throughout the 31 days.


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