Plant Based Bre Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Living a plant-based lifestyle is a lot of fun when you get comfortable in your own kitchen.

Eating plant-based at restaurants or out of the home can be very expensive. Through my experiences, I’ve learned that cooking meals at home makes a plant-based lifestyle much more sustainable. Here are my favorite appliances to use for some amazing plant-based dishes.

Instant Pot -

This is the #1 appliance for the simple fact that it’s multiple appliances in one!!! I use this for the majority of my cooking, especially in the winter/fall months. Instant Pots are great because they require very little time in the kitchen. You can make stews, chili, soups, dry beans, and much much more.

Food Processor -

I use my food processor at least three times a week (at minimum). It great for making sauces, burgers, nice cream - the possibilities are really endless. I also have found that having a food processor makes prep for other dishes incredibly easy.

Cast-Iron Skillet -

I use this for baking, broiling, frying and/or searing. Foods cook differently in cast-iron skillets which is why I say this is a must-have pan. The versatility and quality make this pan a staple appliance.

High-Speed Blender -

I use my blender for smoothies, sauces, and nice cream. I don’t use my blender as much as I use my food processor or Instant Pot, but it’s certainly a must-have in a plant-based kitchen!

Chefs Knife -

With cooking so many vegetables and fruits, I realized that having a nice set of knives in the kitchen makes such a difference. It helps with prep and allows you to spend a little extra time in the kitchen.

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With love,