What to Eat in Northern California: Plant-Based Eats

For the last two years I lived two hours outside of The Bay and Sacramento. Throughout my time in California I had the opportunity ton try a lot of efferent plant-based friendly restaurants and wanted to save my personal favorites with y’all! 

The Bay (Oakland + San Francisco) 

Gracias Madre - a fully vegan restaurant that serves plant-based versions of traditional Mexican eats. The food was amazing and the price was well worth the overall experience. This place gets really crowded, especially during dinner hours so it’s best to make reservations prior to showing up. 


What I ate: Flautas de Camote, Enchiladas Verdes, Papas al Horno 


VeganBurg San Francisco - a fully vegan burger spot with GMO free patties, this “sustainable fast food” restaurant had a ton of burger options foe people who aren’t a fan of diy burger places. I enjoyed my food and thought the patty had great texture. If you’re not a fan of faux meets I wouldn’t suggest adding “bacon” or “egg”. 

What I ate: Hawaiian Teriyaki w seaweed fries

Z & Y Restaurant - an extremely popular restaurant (Obama has eaten here on his visit to SF) in Chinatown! They offer plant-based dishes but are exclusively plant-based which is great if you’re trying to appease different diets. This restaurant also can get crowded so be prepared for a wait at lunch or dinner times. Everyone I was with enjoyed their food and the service is great, especially if you order hot tea! 

What I ate: Vegetable Delight, Spicy Dumpling, Vegetarian Chow Mein


Golden Era - This restaurant was so good, I still think about the wonton soup at least once a week! The service was subpar, but the food is definitely worth it. This full vegan restaurant makes some of your favorite Chinese dishes a reality again. I went with friends which gave me the opportunity to try a few dishes and I was pleased with all of them.

What I ate: Lemongrass Deluxe, Wonton Soup, Spring Rolls, 

Asha Tea House - Whew, this tea is so good! They have two locations, on in SF and one in Berkley - make time to go to one. It’s often crowded because of how good it is, so you might want to grab your tea to go. 

What I ordered: Lemon Jasmine Green Tea, Matcha Fresco,